Vessel Guidelines

Vessel Guidelines for Permanent Allocation of Wollongong Yacht Club Mooring

Length limit - 38 feet  

Weight limit - 8 tonne (Determined by reasonable limitations of mooring apparatus).

Windage limit - Maximum cross sectional area =20 square metres (Determined by reasonable limitations of mooring apparatus).

Width limit - Beam of boat not to cause impact on boats occupying adjacent moorings in any conditions.

Multihulls- one suitable mooring.

Vessels occupying club moorings must be visually suitable.

Vessels occupying club moorings must be maintained in a seaworthy condition and must be capable of undertaking a voyage under both power and sail.

Vessels occupying club moorings must be registered at all times.

Vessels occupying club moorings must be properly displaying registration numbers.

Vessels occupying club moorings must have current $10m third party insurance and be registered in the mooring holder’s name.

Allocated mooring holder must complete safety and equipment form annually - boat safety equipment must comply with minimum waterways regulations and be maintained to Category 5 as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing current edition or “blue book”.

Allocated mooring holder is expected to take an interest in the condition of the mooring and assist with mooring maintenance. 

Allocated mooring holder must be an active club member - defined by the yacht having met the participation criteria outlined in the Permanent Club Mooring Holder Participation Requirements.

Allocated mooring holders are to advise the Harbourmaster whenever they intend being absent from their allocated mooring for greater than seven days, and the expected duration of their absence so that the club may utilise the mooring as a casual mooring for the period of absentia.

Allocated moorings may be used by the club as casual moorings whenever the occupier is absent from the mooring.

All owners of the yacht must be financial club members.

Mooring allocations will be reviewed on a regular basis by the Wollongong Yacht Club Committee.

Mooring allocations may be re-allocated or revoked as determined by the Wollongong Yacht Club Committee in maintaining the best interests of the club.

Members allocated moorings must maintain a current and signed mooring agreement.

Any change in ownership, including sale of a share, of a vessel occupying a club mooring requires re-application for a mooring.