Mooring Rules

When the application for a permanent mooring is approved by the committee, a 3 month probation period on the casual rate starts. The mooring fee commences whether or not the yacht has been placed onto the mooring. Should there be delays in placing the yacht on the mooring the probation period continues until the eligibility criteria below have been fulfilled.

To be eligible for permanent status the yacht must participate in at least 3 WYC race events (or 50% of race events, whichever is higher) during a 3 month probation period. Prior to being granted permanent status, the owner must produce current certificate of $10m third party insurance for the yacht and a current equipment audit form to minimum Cat 5.

The probation period will continue and the mooring will continue to be charged at the casual rate until the above documents and record of participation are approved at a committee meeting. If the yacht fails to meet this participation requirement it may be required to vacate the mooring at the discretion of the committee.

After being granted permanent status the yacht must contiue to meet the Permanent Club Mooring Holder Participation Requirements.

For events which take place from Wollongong harbour, the skipper or a representitive must attend the pre-event briefing and offer to take on crew and passengers within the limits of safety.

Event participation is to be recorded by registration in Revsport for the WYC website event; racing participation must also be recorded via yacht entry in SailSys and providing finish time (or DNF) to the Club Captain.

Reasons of unseaworthiness, social and work commitments, health etc. do not excuse yacht owners from the obligation to fulfil the participation requirement. Such reasons may however be considered by the committee on a case-by-case basis.