Perpetual Trophies

Perpetual Trophies


Commemorating the epic eight day journey to the Illawarra by the 12 foot bark TOM THUMB in March 1796 by Flinders, Bass and Martin.

Presented to the Wollongong Yacht Club by the Wollongong Heritage Week Committee.

1996 ANTJE Hans Woll

1997 BAMBOOZLE Warwick Suttor

1998 KAMARA Barry Welsh

1999 MAIN COURSE David Jollie

2000 SNAKE BITE Paul Cracknell

2001 KARIZMA Bruce Allen

2002 CINDERELLA Bev & Phil Ring



This trophy is presented to the club member(s) who demonstrate outstanding club spirit, exceptional sea faring ability or a notable sense of fair play. This would include significant cruises undertaken, rescues, service to the club or any other similar activity, other than yacht races. Decided by the Club Captain and Committee members.

1998 PAX Dennis & Anna Dorling. Voyage to Tasmania.

1999 MERLIN Ray & Carol Lewis. Voyage to Queensland

2000 LAYABOUT Garry & Maureen Leahy. Voyage to Queensland

2001 BAMBOOZLE Warwick & Judi Suttor. Decade as Editor of RIPPLES.

2002 CINDERELLA Phil & Bev Ring. Voyage to Gippsland Lakes.


Somerset Perpetual Trophy

The Somerset award is an annual award acknowledging the contributions made by a woman member of the Wollongong Yacht Club towards sailing. 

The trophy has been donated by Marina Bayside in recognition of long time member, John Somerset’s, wife and daughter’s enthusiasm and contribution to sport and their support for family and friends in their endeavors.


Contributions towards sailing can include:

  • sailing proficiency;
  • improvement in sailing skills;
  • participation in a significant sailing event outside the club; and/or
  • mentoring of young or new sailors.

 The committee through majority vote will decide the recipient of the award. If there is no woman on the committee, the committee will co-opt a woman to be part of the decision for this award.

The committee can decide to not award the trophy in any given year.

Inagural award 2015 - Maria Morrison



For any event involving club member(s) and a dinghy.

1989 Annette Prior Layabout

1990 Judi Suttor Raise'n'Toast

1991 Jo Jo Skelcher TucanTu

1992 Phil Ring Cinderella